Prenatal yoga classes
Only at Jump Arena Him Lam

Pregnancy is a wonderful and stressful time for mothers. Yoga is an excellent way to alleviate stress and prepare the body for delivery.

I am sure that you have wondered if yoga practice is safe for both the mother and child?

Research has shown that yoga practice, especially during pregnancy, is hugely beneficial for both mother and child.

Prenatal yoga is safe for both mother and child.

👉Some benefits of yoga include:

* Boost inner body strength
* Exercise respiratory techniques
* Strengthen muscles and boost the prenatal immune system, essential during delivery.

Furthermore, attending a yoga class is an excellent way for mothers to connect with their unborn babies as well as the mothers around them by providing a calm and relaxing environment.

Our classes fill up very fast; please sign up as soon as possible to experience the benefits of  prenatal yoga.

👉 200,000 VND/session.

👉Purchase 10 or more sessions and receive a discounted rate of 150,000 VND/session.

Some pictures of Yoga classes at the play area of Jump Arena

🌟💥Our classes are conducted by our leading Indian yoga experts Master Rajesh and Master Piyush.🌟💥

Each class can only take up to 8 students/class.


👉Classes are and are priced at only 200,000 VND/session.

👉 Discounted 150,000 VND/session with the purchase of 10 or more sessions.

Yoga & Zumba
Let’s bring new experience to your kids throughout the special Yoga & Zumba class, designed to help your child improve attention and emotional balance.
☀Time: 9.30- 10.15 every Saturday & Sunday

👉 Fee: 120.000 VND/session or 1.000.000/10 sessions.
(Free 7 days Yoga & Zumba voucher for parents for the first 10 registration)

🌟💥Register at Body & Soul Yoga, Floor 1, Jump Arena Him Lam, Duong so 9, So 2-4 Khu dan cu Him Lam, District 7 (next to Vietopia) or inbox page🌟💥.

Hotline: 1900 789 906

Yoga Therapy
Our classes address your health on all levels using simple physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and a short meditation.

☘This class is designed for anyone with neck, shoulder and lower back pain, fatigue after work, common ailments like anxiety, mild depression, stress, insomnia, constipation, migraine and digestive problems etc., who will benefit from this soothing and relaxing class.

☘ This type of yoga class is specially curated for individuals who are unable to join regular yoga classes due to health conditions.

👉Fee: 150.000 VND/1 class and 1.200.000 VND/10 classes