Exchange and Refund Policy

Refund is NOT applicable for any JUMP ARENA products and services

  1. Product / Service Exchange policy:

    • For physical product (accessories, cloths, souvenirs) JUMP ARENA supports exchanging products within 7 working days from the date of receipt with the following conditions:
      • The product has not been used, still has its labels intact, is not dirty, damaged or torn.
      • If the exchanged product has a higher price than the purchased product, the customer must pay the difference.
      • No refund in any situation.
      • Do not exchange products for vouchers.
    • For standard ticket: At JUMP ARENA centers, new session starts every 30 minutes
      • If you arrive on the same date with the booked date on your e-ticket, but later than the booked session time frame, JUMP ARENA will assist you to check-in at the earliest upcoming session. In case the earliest upcoming session is full, JUMP ARENA will arrange you to check-in at the following session time frame.
      • If you arrive on a different date from the booked date on your e-ticket: JUMP ARENA support check-in up to 7 days earlier or later than the booked date.
        • Weekday tickets cannot be used on weekends and vice versa 
        • Check-in time as specified in Section (i)
    • For courses registration and venue rental: exchange and refund following the signed Agreement.
    • For Membership card and Booklet: Exchange Policy is not applicable in any circumstances.
  2. Exchange process

    You can exchange products/service either at JUMP ARENA's centers or on our online channel, specifically as follows:

    • Product exchange process on JUMP ARENA online channel:
      • Step 1: Contact customer service of JUMP ARENA via hotline 1900 789 906 or Fanpage Facebook Jump Arena Trampoline Park Vietnam
      • Step 2: Send the product to the address provided by Customer Service.
      • Step 3: In case the product is faulty due to JUMP ARENA: You do not have to pay the shipping fee for the exchange.
      • Step 4: After receiving the product you sent, JUMP ARENA will respond and update information of each processing stage to you via Facebook / Email / Phone.
    • Product exchange process at JUMP ARENA center:
      • Step 1: Contact staff at Cashier counter.
      • Step 2: Please provide following information for your exchange request.
        Full name - phone number – bill number- The product needs to be exchanged.


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