Jump Fit only at Jump Arena Tang Bat Ho - Jump for Fitness. Shape your Goal Body

Balance your life between work and health is never an easy thing to do. That’s why you need to have a big motivation to turn exercise into a fun and entertaining activities which you can keep practicing and getting fit.

By understanding that, Jump Arena officially launches Jump Fit course for everyone to learn and work out in the most exciting way. You can definitely forget the tiredness because you will be surrounded by the positive and energetic trainers and atmosphere.

Besides that, the top 3 benefits you will get from our Jump Fit course:

  • Les mills to improve your mental health, ease the symptoms of depression
  • Not only burn calories but shape and tone your entire body, increase your core strength and guarantee you can keep good health
  • Be part of the fitness community where everyone has the same goal and share the same hobbies, create a group to live positively everyday.

Be one of our members to inspire and spread a positive message to all those modern citizens out there!

Only 50k/session, up to 8 classes in 1 course. Time to get fit and get motivated at Jump Arena Tang Bat Ho.

Purchase for a whole course to get our gift (voucher 60minute and key chain).

Class schedule:

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