Urban Choreography opens at Him Lam Center! Time to dance with passion and Beat up your rhythm

  1. What is Urban Choreography:
    Choreography is a form of art where dancers not only focus on dancing but also put their creativity in each move to create a soul for the performance; hence, express their passion and enthusiasm to the audience.
    Urban Choreography speaks out dancers’ personality. With flexible movements and clean forms, dancers can create many different performances based on different types of music.
  2. Benefits from Urban Choreography Dance Course:
    ->Attend the class that is suitable for your need and dance skills so you can enjoy the best
    -> Learn and dance fluently in urban choreography type.Gradually, it helps you to be creative and able to create your own dance moves
    -> Connect with other dance lovers to share your hobbies, build up your confidence and keep fit.

Types of class available at Jump Arena:

  • There is no specific skill or requirement to join our class. Everyone is welcome to be one of our members to practice and express their skills with trainer and other members in order to create YOUR own art.

Be one of our members to inspire and spread a positive message to all those modern citizens out there!

Class schedule:

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