GROWING TALLER Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

Sports central, Bang Tam is the premier centre providing classes which specialise in height development in Vietnam. Till date, more than 6000 students have participated in the height development class.

What is the height development classes?

Height development classes are activities which specifically target a child’s height development to boost their growth.

How does jumping on the trampoline help with height development?
Genetics may not always be in our favour, which could impact your career goals and dreams. Through jumping, you will soon notice increases in your height, inching towards your goal.

What is the process involved?
Every time an individual jumps on the trampoline, the various muscles in their body are activated and stretched. Over time these muscles adapt and get used to the stretching and promote bone growth. As a result, people who are many jumpers are more likely to be taller than most people. Research supports this claim by observing that regular jumper will more likely become taller over them than non-frequent jumpers due to the stretching and bone growth in the body.

What types of classes are available?

At Jump Arena, we have three types of classes divided according to age and gender. They are:

+Grading course for height development
+ Bounce slam dunk
+ Private lessons with a group of 10,5 or 1 students.

Upon registration for the free trial class students will receive :
***60 mins class which includes  15 mins of free jumping at play zone***
This free trial class is only applicable at Jump Arena Him Lam.

After three months, the students will receive an overall assessment to assess progress, and the exercise will be adjusted accordingly

Class Schedule

  • 💥Monday-Friday (3 sessions)
  • 💥Saturday- Sunday(4 sessions)
    2 pm-2.30pm
    4 pm-5.30pm

This session only applies for height development class and bounce slam dunk class. For private class, students can choose the session.

Although frequent jumping may seem like a sure win solution rapidly increasing height, please note that other factors such as diet and lifestyle also play a part.

+ Repeating this action will boost your growth faster than usual. However, joining our class need to combine with your healthy diet and lifestyle.
+ Apart from helping grow your height, joining a jumping class to your height is also helping you lose weight by the burning calories and fat effortlessly

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