Essential Extra-curricular Activity for Kids and Students Jump Arena welcomes school groups of up to a thousand children and promises to deliver the BEST SCHOOL TRIP EVER!


Jump Arena is a sports facility that harnesses the rebound benefits of Trampolining and uses it to deliver a unique challenge and adventure school trip experience.

We will create a program to fit your needs, with high-intense competitive activities for a small group, or exclusive park access for large groups. The focus is on maximizing individual and group participation regardless of ability, and programs are delivered in an environment that is as inclusive and encouraging, as it is exciting and inspiring. Also, Jump Arena team is trained to ensure a fun and safe environment exists in the park at all times.

School trips to Jump Arena aren’t just fun, time spent on our trampolines will improve students’ health, stimulate their interpersonal skills and build their relationships better.

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Jump Arena is the place for you to actualize your dreaming adventure. We offer simulative playground for you to taste the real feelings as you desire to have in reality, with all guarantee method and protective equipment. You have to be willing to push your mind and body out of its comfort zone.  Prepare yourself for adventure!

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How it works?

  • View our booking page, time schedule, location and special promotion for school trips
  • Find out more information about each activity, the safety and the terms & conditions to make sure that you are clear about the requirements. If you have any concern, please drop us a call to clear out with the receptionist.
  • Select the location, time, activity and note if you have additional requirements. That’s it! All you have to do then is arrive at Jump Arena trampoline park 30 mins before your session starts to check-in, sign the waiver and meet your instructor.


Want to add some soft drinks? Or some party bags for everyone to take home. For a larger party, why not hire out our coffee shop with option for private music and themes for a celebration with a bang!
You can choose the package that suits you depending on the age of your child. We have packages for over and under 5 years and both have a fantastic range of add-ons to get the kids excited: Face Painting, Themed decoration, Magician Balloons, …

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