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We are committed and dedicated to give you the most and the best of recreation. Jump Arena Him Lam, the region’s premier recreational playground. Trampoline courts, gyms, studios, fun games and more..

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Mon – Fri (9h – 19h)

Sat – Sun (9h -21h)

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2 – 4, Route 9, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 1900 789 906
Email: info@jumparena.vn


We all have fantasy adventures that inspires us. Whether it is climbing a mountain, completing an obstacle course race, diving from extreme height, or leaping into the gravity, we believe that it is too dangerous for you, as an inexperienced player, to do it yourself in reality, without any protection method or personal protective equipment.


We offer simulative playground for you to taste the real feelings as you desire to have in reality, with all guarantee method and protective equipment. You have to be willing to push your mind and body out of its comfort zone.

So Let’s Get Ready!

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Jump Cafe

Once you step into Jump Arena, you will feel the sense of making a date with your fate: Leaping into gravity, soaring to new height of freedom and diving into giant air bags.
Every visit is filled with fun, laugh, energy and bravery; to keep you happier, healthier and braver.

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