Đánh giá bài viết

Jump Arena's Reasonable Price with Excellent Service

At Jump Arena, we  hope that our  guests experience the best service and entertainment, all without burning a hole in their pockets.  Our prices for our different locations are as follows:

  • Jump Arena Him Lam, District 7
    Weekday (Monday-Friday) 120,000/60 Min
    Weekday(Monday-Friday) 180,000/Unlimited
    Weekend(Saturday & Sunday) 160,000/60 Min
    Weekend(Saturday &Sunday)240,000/12o Min
    Toddler (Weekday)80,000/60 Min
    (Weekend)100,000/60 Min
  • Jump Arena Thao Dien, District  2
    Weekdays (Monday -Friday) 100,000/60 Mins
    Weekend( Saturday & Friday) 140,000/60 Min
    Weekend(Saturday& Sunday) 210,000/120 Min
    Toddler (Weekdays) 70,000/60 Min
  • Jump Arena Le Thi Rieng , District 10
    Weekday(Monday-Friday)60,000/30 Min
    Weekday(Monday-Friday)90,000/60 Min
    Weekend(Saturday&Sunday)90,o00/ 30 Min
    Weekend(Saturday& Sunday)130,000/60 Min
    Weekend(Saturday&Sunday)160,000/120 Min
  • Jump Arena Can Tho
    Weekday(Monday-Friday)70,000/60 Min
    Weekend( Saturday& Sunday)90,000/60 Min
    Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)120,000/120 Min
  • Jump Arena Tang Bat Ho , District Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
    Weekday(Monday-Friday) 110,000/60 Min
    Weekend ( Saturday& Sunday)160,000/60 Min
    Weekend(Saturday & Sunday)240,000/120 Min
    Toddler(Weekday) 80,000/60 Min
    Toddler (Weekend)100,000/ 60  Min