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Free trial Yoga class for all! No limitation. Free of charge at the indoor trampoline park, Jump Arena Him Lam

Start from September, 1st, 2018 until November, 30th,2018

2 – 4, Route 9, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
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👦 Ms. Nga ( Rainny)
☎ 0164 8479397

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Customise your membership and grow your practice by choosing from our expansive library of classes.Start your Yoga trial class. Free of charge.Yoga classes are open to all levels, and beginners are always welcome. Learn the correct way to do hundreds of yoga poses with Jump Arena’s Yoga. And it is for free. No limitation!

Our trainer will demonstrate the instructional postures, correct your practical time, teach you how to leverage breathing to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, alleviate migraines, build up a valuable reality from inside to outside and boost energy. Moreover, you can see your muscles increase after each class day by day.

Join our Yoga class in Jump Arena is not only taking part in a normal Yoga class But it is building a group of connection. You grow your colleagues will grow, too.

Besides of that, a range of amazing conveniences with trampoline activities, a corner for Jump Cafe will be available next to your Yoga hall. Beauty don’t wait for your hesitation. You deserve to have a good looking. Let’s make a real action from now.

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It is hight time to have happy hours for All. Apply from now!
Hotline: 0937 804 000
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The indoor trampoline park at Jump Arena Him Lam

Apply from September, 1st, 2018 until November, 30th, 2018