Jump-Fit: Jump Arena’s High-Intensity Interval Training.

If you think exercise can’t be fun, then consider JUMP-FIT. Using a trampoline during your workout increases the amount of calories you burn compared to other forms of exercise, such as walking or jogging.

JUMP-FIT is a general fitness class based around pure jump principles.
The classes will consist of lots of jumping, twisting and bounding to burn fat, improve function and get FIT!
JUMP-FIT is moderate to high intensity, low impact cardio workout that focuses on putting the fun back into fitness.

The repetitive bouncing motion of trampolining actually has many health benefits that make it appropriate for people of all ages and almost all health statuses.

The Benefits of JUMP-FIT:

  • Low Impact: unlike other forms of cardiovascular fitness such as jogging – where the impact of making contact with the ground can lead to bone and joint injuries of the ankles, knees, and hips – trampolining is less likely to generate these types of impact-based injuries
  • Improved Lymphatic Function: the up-and-down bouncing of trampolining is particularly effective because it’s relatively easy to perform and stimulates the lymph system’s one-way valves to open and close simultaneously, increasing lymph flow substantially as it works against gravity to move up the lymphatic system. This keeps waste products moving, clearing the body of toxins, and improving overall immune function.
  • Improved Balance: Many people struggle to maintain balance the first few times they jump on a trampoline. Separate studies have proven that balance is improved in almost every demographic when trampolines are used regularly.


Price: 300,000 VND (Including entrance fee, excluding grip-socks)


About our Trainer:

Phil Kelly is a Master Trainer on three continents who has helped 1000’s of clients.

He achieved the highest international qualifications and is a specialist in fat loss and personal fitness. Phil has designed fitness programmes and classes for Universities, professional sports teams and is very excited to bring JUMP-FIT to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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