13 Jun: Sky Ladder

Reach for the stars as you climb up the ladder as high as the ceiling! Let go all of your fears and do a free fall after that.


13 Jun: Giant Airbag

Trust yourself to destiny as you leap from a towering inferno into a giant, inflated air bag just like they do in the movies. Except here there’s no inferno, of course. Once you’ve landed take the climbing wall challenge back to the top and do it all over again.


13 Jun: Free-Jumping

Don’t let gravity keep you down. Jump any way you want. On your legs, knees,back side, standing, spinning, kicking, hands up, hands down. Whichever you roll is cool with us.


13 Jun: Trampoline Slam Dunk

Fly and dunk like the best of basketball professionals. Try all your best basketball tricks even the ones you imagine. Feel the crowds roar as you hoop the loop.


13 Jun: Dodgeball

It’s endless aerial action with friends in fun and funny ways. Hurl padded balls and strike ‘em out. Dodge the balls coming at you. Be the last man standing. Exhilarating.


13 Jun: Spider Wall

Be Spider Man- climb, jump, straight up, sideways. Bring out the hero in you. Impress your buddies.
Have fun with them.


13 Jun: Foam Pit

Reach for the stars. Climb up to as high as the ceiling.Make it to the top or in the foam you go!! Don’t be afraid. Just let go and free fall. What a feeling.


13 Jun: The Wall

Want to walk the wall? It’s an extra bouncy trampoline next to a wall where you can push off, walk up vertically and do much more like bounce on your back, then scale the wall. It’s a crazy feeling you can never get enough off.


13 Jun: Junior Jump

Specially customized for the little ones and first timers just starting out. Lower bounce trampolines in a segregated, super safe zone with extra supervision. A great way to learn. Sheer delight.