What can I gain from attending the acrobatics class at Jump Arena?

When you attend our acrobatics class at Jump Arena, Him Lam you will notice changes in your body. For example, your body’s metabolism and calorie burn rate will increase and become more efficient.

As a result, you will observe changes in your body with more toned muscles as well as firmer overall body shape.

Moreover, acrobatics classes help in improving your mental health by increasing the number of endorphins released in the brain.

What are the three key health benefits of attending our acrobatics class at Jump Arena, Him Lam?

1. Improved Coordination

Attendees will learn how to execute moves to maintain safety. During the class, the instructor will guide the students on how to activate the correct muscles during the movement. Coordination is an essential part of our daily lives. Apart from ensuring our safety, it also boosts our concentration as it allows for a smooth and efficient transition between movements.

2. Increased Flexibility

Activation of the various muscles occur during each movement and slowly become stronger. Attendees may see changes in your daily activities such as stamina or even notice that their posture has improved. Due to the twisting and stretching, more flexible individuals are less likely to get injured.

3. Enhances the Body's Motor Skills

As a result of constant acrobatics classes, individuals can improve their motor skills. It makes you more quick to respond and embrace your cat-like reflexes.

Course structure and timeline

Jump Arena currently offers the acrobatics class for the following age groups only:

8-12-year-old age group

**Level 1 (Basic)- 30 sessions in three months

**Level 2 (Advanced)- 30 Sessions in three months

Attendees will graduate upon completion of 60 sessions(full course).

12 and above age group

** Level 1 (Basic)- 30 sessions in 3 months.

Attendees will graduate upon completion of 30 sessions(full course).

Assessments will be conducted by the instructor every ten sessions to gauge the student’s level.

All our classes are curated, especially according to the attendees’ abilities. Our class sizes vary between groups of 4-6 people or 2-3 people. For attendees prefer one on one training, we also provided such classes.

Our qualified and dedicated instructor will be present to make sure that you get the most benefits out of the class.

No matter if you are a beginner or expert, everyone is welcome to the classes. Brace yourself to upgrade your skills!

During each session, our dedicated and qualified instructor will guide you through the processes involved to ensure that your technique and posture is correct. Here are some of the poses you will learn or improve: Straight Jump, Back Flip, Shaped Jump, Seated Drop, Twisted Jump, Front Drop, and many more!!

Our classes are structured as follows:

  • Warm-up
  • Preparation
  • Practice
  • Cool Down/Stretching

Class Schedule

Weekdays(Monday- Friday)
Afternoon Session Only

Weekends( Saturday and Sunday)
Morning : 8:00-9:00 ,  9:00-10:00
Afternoon : 6.00pm-7.00pm

Customer purchases who 1 By 1 Package are permitted to schedule their schedule by themselves.
Please note that the instructor has to be notified one week in advance.

Additional benefits of registering for a full course

***Upon registration for a full course, attendees, will receive 1 Jump Arena T-Shirt & Cap for 100,000 VND.
**Attendees will also get a free hour after class time to practice what they have learned.