Once attending our acrobatics class at Jump Arena, you will not only have fun but also will learn cool flips and tricks on the trampoline. Time to show off your skills and get attention from the crowd on how much you can perform!

3 key benefits from Acrobatics class at the indoor trampoline park

During the class, our professional instructor will guide you on how to activate the correct muscles during the movement to improve your coordination safely and certainly.

As you practice and learn different moves, you practically enhance your muscle endurance and become stronger after 3 months. You may notice the improvement in posture or stamina in daily activities and less likely to get injured through twisting and stretching session.

As a result of constant acrobatics classes: you can improve your motor skills and be a master in flips and tricks on the trampoline.

Course Structure & Timeline

Jump Arena currently offers the acrobatics class for the following age groups only:

**Level 1 (Basic)- 30 sessions in 3 months
**Level 2 (Advanced)- 30 Sessions in 3 months
Attendees will graduate after 60 sessions (full course).

12 and above
** Level 1 (Basic)- 30 sessions in 3 months.
Attendees will graduate after 30 sessions (full course).

No matter if you are a beginner or expert, everyone is welcome to the join acrobatics class.

Make your moves on the trampoline-like a PRO!

Here are some of the poses you will learn or improve: Straight Jump, Back Flip, Shaped Jump, Seated Drop, Twisted Jump, Front Drop, and many more!!

Click here to see Jump Arena's classes are structured as follows:

* Warm-up
* Preparation
* Practice
* Cool Down/Stretching